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Aidpage Open Letter: Hope

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Anonymous Hi!! Read your message to Barrak Obama. Such a nice letter and with great sincerity. My only comment is that you need to stress your HARDSHIP. People most likely do not take "butter cupping" serious enough. Truly you want HELP FAST! and YOU and I know, we can come to Obama as a way for HELP. I suggest, sense YOU are in great HARDSHIP, send Obama another Letter and make sure, YOU bring out MORE of your NEEDS to him. Maybe then Obama will take notice FASTER!! I realize, asking for any help is HARD. But TRULY you NEED to be more predicament. So make your WORDS stand out to ALL those reading it. My words to YOU is to let you know, it's very normal to have no money. This is why, we ALL are here on Aidpage. For we ALL are poor, and need to vent with those like Ourselves. We are SO happy you joined Aidpage. Feel free to come here and "talk it out". "BE HEARD!!!! We care and we share with ALL our Family member's here (this includes YOU). If YOU did get the help YOU need, please share with Us. We will rejoice with YOU!! Best of luck. "Merry Christmas"!!!! Sandra35
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Anyone in my opinion asking for this evil man to be President is asking for wrath...
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